Friday, January 23, 2009


Bukit Bakar - one of the places that you need to visit

MACHANG: The country's biggest zoo will be built here under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

Natural Resources and Environment Ministry's Parliamentary Secretary Datuk Sazmi Miah said a 40ha site in Bukit Bakar had been identified for the RM25mil zoo.

“The project is expected to start in the middle or end of the year,” he told reporters after a meet the people session in Kampung Pangkal Petai on Saturday .

Sazmi said the proposed Machang Zoo would be three times bigger than the National Zoo in Hulu Klang, Kuala Lumpur.

He said there were also plans to house endangered species and some 300 fish species there.

He said it would have recreational facilities to attract tourists.

When completed, it was expected to attract 400,000 visitors and generate various benefits for local residents such as job and business opportunities, he added. – Bernama

The Star on Monday February 27, 2007


This is our Petai Village main based. If you can see there is a shop, mosque, meeting hall, library and computer centre located there. If you want some good coffee to drink you can get from my grandmother shop (Tok Cu)..Kaw-Kaw punya kopi..My aunt also lives at the Petai Main village. Our Petai GDW Chairman former teacher also lives here. We called him Cikgu Man. He is the person who contributed a lot of development in our village. Thanks. For your information, my sister work at the computer centre that located in the library..

Untuk memastikan impian tercapai, Kampung Pangkal Petai telah menggariskan:

  1. Kampung Maju Tahun 2010
  2. Sifar Dadah Sifar Jenayah
  3. 100 Anak Kampung Keluar IPTA/IPTS
  4. Kampung Perlancongan
  5. Pusat Info Desa Cemerlang
  6. Mewujudkan 25 Usahawan
  7. Mewujudkan 7 buah Industri Kecil
  8. Mewujudkan Pertanian Baik
  9. Kampung Bermaklumat
  10. Kampung Berdaya Saing Dalam Semua Aspek.


This is my house with blue roof beside the Kuala Krai - Kota Bharu highway. You can only see it if you on the helicopter..haha..


This photo shows the satellite view of our village. As you can see most of our social economy is based on agriculture such as paddy, rubber, cow, sheep, duck and also fish.


Petai Village which located in Kelantan is about 5 km from Machang town and about 20km from Kuala Krai town. It is small village but having a lot of annual social activity such as village competition, reading competition an so on.

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